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George IV Inn - Picton sent a three man expedition to the small town of Picton to see who had managed to hide these beers from us for so long. The 100km drive from Sydney was uneventful, with the exception of the wombat on the side of the road. A big bugger. Friendly looking. But unfortunately very dead. 

Tassie Trek

Is it really true that Tasmanians have two heads to allow them to drink a Boags and a Cascade at the same time? We felt duty bound to investigate.  

Grand Ridge

Grand Ridge is an enthusiastic brewing company interested in making quality beers rather than money.'s Picks 

The Union, Tassie

Young & Jacksons, Melbourne

Newtown, Sydney

Quokka's Arms, WA

Longreach, Outback, Qld

Great Britain Hotel, Vic

Hero of Waterloo, NSW

Birdsville, Outback, Qld

George IV, NSW

Pub in a Paddock, Tassie

Royal Exchange, Brisbane

Duke of Wellington, Melbourne


Great Britain Hotel - Melbourne

Now, as soon as became aware of the delightfully Australian lager, Piss, we had to find out who was behind it. After a diligent search using our usual sources, we came across the name Chris Hodges of Melbourne. Further investigation revealed he also co-ran one of Melbourne's drinking institutions - the Great Britain, where it was said you could get this Piss beer on tap.

Pub in a Paddock

Ever seen a pig with a drinking problem? No, we don't mean your best mate, but rather the kind that gets turned into bacon. If not, meet Slops, a resident of the little valley of Pyengana in the North East of Tassie. 


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