Eumundi Lager

Eumundi Lager is a remarkably refreshing beer with a crisp bitter finish.  The brewers have maintained the recipe from the microbrewery to impart a distinct hoppy presence.  This gives the beer a bitter flavour intertwined with a mild flowery undertone.  A beer that was definitely brewed for the subtropical Queensland Sunshine Coast; crisp, effervescent and refreshing that slides down with a mild flowery taste.  The only disappointment is the distinct lack of head.  The upside of this is that drinking straight from the bottle means you lose nothing of the Eumundi enjoyment. 

Best served colder than usual.  The strong bitter flavour and crisp refreshing effervescence lends this lager to mild plain foods.  Best served fairly cold, the ideal accompaniment to this Queensland lager is seafood. 

Try grilled baramundi, snapper, perch, mackeral, sword fish or red emperor.  Tasty cheese also accompany this lager well.  Try boiled muscles and stews.  Best enjoyed ice cold on a warm afternoon with a spread of fresh seafood and a slice of lemon and lime.

Eumundi is a small town which is located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, in the Noosa Hinterland.  If you travel to the extremely popular and increasingly exclusive Noosa you are likely to pass through it on your way North from Brisbane.  The town is famous for its huge markets which are held on each weekend and offer multifarious arts and crafts and all sorts of local produce.  There are also quite a few art galleries and the place has a rustic, bohemian and increasingly touristy feel.  Being only a 15 minute drive from Noosa, the small place becomes very crowded on the weekends.

In 1986 some enterprising fellows bought the old Imperial Hotel in Eumundi, installed brewing equipment and began to brew a premium beer in the small Queensland town.  The town lent its name to the new brew.  After the beer's initial success, the Eumundi Brewing Group Ltd went public on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1989.  The subscription price was 50c a share.  Within the first six months the stock had plummeted and has not recovered.  In fact the company's continued operations were in doubt unless it could be radically restructured.  The unfortunate decline had been caused by an economic recession and a vigorous beer price war between its giant competitors.

In 1992 the brewing operations at the majestic Imperial Hotel were closed down and the brands were contracted out to Carlton and United Breweries Limited at the Yatala brewery (which was then still operated by Powers Brewing Company Limited).  From October 1998 CUB ceased to supply product to the Eumundi Brewing Group.  Instead a Licence Agreement was entered into in November 1998 with Castlemaine Perkins Pty Ltd to licence all of Eumundi's beer brands to Castlemaine in exchange for a royalty.  The Licence will be in force for 10 years and after that time Castlemaine will have an option to buy the brands for a nominal amount.

The Eumundi brands comprise Eumundi Premium (which was awarded Best Australian Lager at the 1992 and 1993 National Festival of Beers), Eumundi Light and two beers which are primarily exported to the USA, Gulf Ale and Laguna Bay Pale Ale.

The Eumundi Brewing Group is now expanding by moving into hotel ownership. It still owns the original Eumundi Hotel which was built in 1911.  This grand old pub has a rich history having served as the meeting place for thirsty jackaroos who drove their bullock teams through the area.  As all outback pubs it was the focal point of the town for much of this century. The company also owns the Ashmore Hotel on the Gold Coast.  Most recently in November 1999 it announced that it is looking to acquire a third large hotel.


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