Coopers Sparkling Ale


The famous "Cloudy but fine" add campaign for Coopers Sparkling Ale rings true as you your pour this beer into your glass.  The traditional Coopers top fermenting and secondary fermenting technique is apparent with the cloudy appearance and the yeast sediment that rains down like snow.  Sparkling begins with a solid head and a full bodied flavour with fruity undertones and finishes with a soft effervescent malty taste.    

Coopers sparkling Ale - like its lighter companion, Pale Ale, contains no chemicals or preservatives and is brewed in the traditional top fermenting style just as it was done at the beginning in 1862 by Thomas Cooper.  Coopers Sparkling Ale is a beer with no rough edges.  Its smooth full body and subtle fruity overtones, make this full strength ale a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Food for Thought:

The smooth bitter flavours with fruity esters make Sparkling Ale a beer for the dining table as well as for the Esky.  Well suited to dishes from Asia and the Mediterranean.  The Sparkling Ale is light enough to accompany seafood dishes such as Cajian style fish, spicy octopus salad, sauced calamari and oysters Kilpatrick.  Try Sparkling Ale with veal dishes like veal scaloppine, veal cordon bleu, scaloppini margarita and veal brisket.  Sparkling Ale is also full bodied,  malty and flavoursome enough to accompany traditional favourites such as steak, sausage and other lightly sauced meat dishes.


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