Coopers Dark Ale


Coopers Dark Ale, like most dark ales, is top fermented in the traditional Coopers fashion.  Coopers continues their tradition of bottle conditioning and fermentation that leaves a natural residue of yeast during maturation.  The cloudy appearance is a little less apparent due to the dark colour, yet it is definitely in attendance.  Not as malty as a lot of the other Aussie dark ales, Coopers Dark delivers a quick transition from smooth robust flavour to flowery hops into a bitter finish.  

The bitter aftertaste and smooth finish remain long after the cloudy dark liquid disappears from view.

One of the smoothest dark ales on the Australian scene, Coopers is an easy beer to enjoy. The sediment in the bottom of your glass lies testament to the traditional Coopers brewing technique.  (4.5% alc/vol)

Food for Thought:

This beer is smooth and bitter and as such deserves an equal degree of flavour from its accompaniment.  Try beef stroganoff , rich meat dishes and pot roasts. Also well suited to smoked foods and dry fruit platters. Coopers Dark Ale is a welcome companion to meatballs with red and cream sauces. 


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