Cascade Premium

"Tasmanian beer has an international reputation"

Queen Elizabeth, March 2000

The story of Cascade Premium begins in 1985.  The Cascade Brewery decided it needed a product that could compete in the rapidly growing premium and imported beer market.  A beer was needed that could be marketed nationally and internationally. 

The first step that was taken was that a number of tasting panels were set up and beer was flown to the Tasmanian brewery from around the world.  The tasting panels identified the most desired characteristics of a premium beer.  These were to be reproduced or surpassed.

The primary means for creating a superior beer were decided to be an increased period of maturation and the use of premium quality malt.  Cascade already had some of the world’s best water.  The maturation time for ordinary lager is about three weeks, this was increased to six weeks for Cascade Premium.  The longer maturation serves to bring out more flavour.  The malt used for Cascade Premium comes from the best of the Tasmanian grown barley which is malted by the Cascade brewery itself.  This ensures that the malt is of the highest quality.  The quality hops are locally produced too.

On the technical side, Cascade appointed brewing consultants from Copenhagen, Alfred Jorgensen, to advise on necessary upgrades to plant and processes.  New storage vessels were purchased and staff were sent overseas for training.

A distinctive green bottle was chosen to ensure that the beer would stand out from other Australian beers in its class.  The label was designed on the basis a famous John Gould lithograph.  The two animals on the label are thylacines or Tasmanian tigers.  These magnificent marsupial predators were unfortunately hunted to extinction in the 1930s.  They are considered to be synonymous with Tasmania.

Cascade Premium was officially launched in June 1987 with an award winning marketing campaign.  The marketing slogan was “Pure Beer”.  By December it was already voted to be Australia’s best beer by the Melbourne Herald.  In 1990 Cascade Premium won a gold medal at the prestigious Monde Selection in Brussels. 

So how does it taste?  Beautiful.

It is a hefty beer with robust flavour that has an air of Europe in its flavour.  It has a fully developed hop flavour with distinctive bitterness.

This is a big beer and goes with big dishes; sirloin beef, roast lamb or fillet of beef with strong sauce such as Béarnaise or cheese sauces.  A bit too overpowering for most subtle fish flavours but Cascade Premium complements grilled or stir fried seafood. This beer is flavoursome and full and probably best enjoyed on its own. A strong 5.2% alc/vol.

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